These 15 Hilarious Facts About Engineering Hostel Mess I Bet You All Can Relate To!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Sahi hai…true…

  2. Hahahahahaha…. It's AMAZING Shubhi :D!!You're an awesome writer !! And what you've wrote made my eyes teary .. :'(

  3. swati dodke says:

    Loved ur way to frame those 'topsy turvy' moments we are having in hostel ?…and ofcourse there always will be a saviour known as MAGGI for all the hostelers…?

  4. Lol
    I hv no such experience… but i know this is the true… Once i got a chance to taste that DAAL… and blv me my words were same as urs…
    Too good
    ur emotions are flowing in ur words… enjoy hostel

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